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Noisy Restaurant? - we can help

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Our acoustic panels can reduce noise levels by 35% to 45%

we manufacture acoustic panels for offices and restaurants

We manufacture

We manufacture acoustic panels to custom sizes in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

we install the acoustic panels for you

We Install

We Install the acoustic panels.

We love our clients !

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a few of our customers

Why ? provides a local turnkey solution for offices and restaurants in and around Toronto, Ontario. We manufacture, delivery and install our own acoustic panels.

So what is the next step?

1. Send us pics and general dimensions of your space, to

2. We will respond the same day with a budget range.

3. If the budget range is approved by you, we will arrange an onsite visit within a week.

4. During the onsite visit, leave fabric samples, we will take pictures, measurements, provide a formal quote, and a panel layout.

5. After you sign off on panel layout, your fabric choice and quote, we schedule the installation for 2 to 3 weeks out.

Some Technical stuff

Boardrooms and offices are often built like boxes, with flat, parallel, reflective surfaces. We solve the boardroom echo problem. When installing acoustic panels in offices, we strive to maintain a professional  looking environment, by using high quality acoustically transparent fabric to cover each panel. Read More...

 Boardroom echo is a common problem, and can be reduced to a level that is acceptable and in many cases totally eliminated. Read More about boardroom echo.

It is important for Acoustic panels to blend into a Restaurant's ambience and design. We work with you to design a layout, that will be aesthetically pleasing, and provide noise reduction of 35% to 45%. Read more..

Customers are complaining online that the restaurants are too loud. Read more.

NRC is an acronym for Noise Reduction Coefficient. This term describes how well an object or surface absorbs incoming sound. An NRC rating of .8 or better is ideal for room acoustic treatment

Sound reflection is the physical event of sound bouncing from surface to surface in a given area or room, causing echo or sound reverberation.

Sound reverberation is the technical measurement of sound reflections, measured with frequency, response times and decay.  

Soundproofing is the process of stopping sound from traveling from one area to another. Acoustic panels do not help with this. To better understand the differences between soundproofing and sound dampening, Read More...

White noise can be broadcast in an office environment, to help cover up distracting noises. Typically this noise is static and constant. Unfortunately White Noise will not  help reduce echo and reverb in an office or restaurant.

Sound Masking is similar to white noise, but is more dynamic and customizable to specific environments. Some sound masking systems are highly adaptable and learn on their own.

Acoustic Foam is commonly found in recording studios and is typically made from polyether or polyester, or melamine. It comes in different sizes and shapes and is easily cut.

What is acoustic treatment?: Much like window treatment refers to curtains and such, that affect the light passing through the window, acoustic treatment refers to products and fixtures that affect, the behaviour of sound in a given space. Here is a great article on acoustic treatment

The phrase: "room acoustics" is used to describe how sound behaves in a room, and is generally used by the music community. For a live music performance, a room with "good room acoustics", means the room will have a little, natural reverb. A room with poor "room acoustics" will have annoying echo and reverb. Read more about Room acoustics.

Acoustic panels also known as acoustic sound panels, or just sound panels are typically made in sizes from 1'x1' to 4'x8' and ranging in thickness from 1" to 2".

Acoustic panels are the most cost effective solution to achieve noise attenuation, in an office or restaurant. The inside of the acoustic panel is made with acoustic media that converts sound to heat, There is usually an internal frame to provide the panel with clean lines and allow for installation. The panel is then wrapped with acoustically transparent fabric or vinyl. Figure out what are the best acoustic panels for you.

Acoustic wall panels are simply acoustic panels that designed to be installed on walls as opposed to ceilings. They are cheaper to manufacture and install the ceiling panels. Read more here, for a comprehensive overview of Acoustic Wall Panels.

Acoustic baffles also known as acoustic sound baffles, or just Sound baffles  typically come in cylinder, rectangle and square shapes.

Baffles cannot be installed on a ceiling where there are sprinkler heads installed.

Acoustic baffles hang from the ceiling by wire. Baffles are effective, but because they are typically smaller than acoustic panels, more baffles are needed to cover the same space. Unfortunately, baffles will intrude on your line of sight, and have a tendency to lower the perceived height of the ceiling. For a comprehensive overview of acoustic baffles.. Read more 

There are many options for acoustic panels, and acoustic baffles in the US. But few in Canada. Read more to find out where you can buy acoustic panels in Canada,

Looking to make your own acoustic panels. Read more to find out how. We also have extra material that we can provide to you at no cost if you come by the shop.

acoustic panel showroom in Toronto in the GTA

Different sizes - Different colours

acoustic wall panels in Toronto
acoustic wall panels in the GTA
acoustic sound panels in Toronto
acoustic panels for restaurants
acoustic panels for offices

This should give you an idea of some possibilities

acoustic panel beside acoustic panels beside acoustic panels
beautiful acoustic panel print in an office
picture of toronto on acoustic panel
toronto acoustic panels at burdock
acoustic panels installed in hamilton ontario
acoustic panels on the ceiling at Jakes restaurant
acoustic panel installation in toronto
sound panels on the wall in an office in toronto

Different fabric options


How do the panels work?

The acoustic panels we install, captures sound and stops the echo in a room.

The image on the top right is a sound wave of sound echoing in a room for 4 seconds.

The image on the bottom is a sound wave captured after the installation of our TQR Panels.. Sound Waves


Aren't all Acoustic panels created equal  ?


Our panels are not made in a basement or a garage at the back of a house.
Our Acoustic panels are manufactured in our Shop in Oakville.


Our panels are not made with wood. wood is flammable, holds moisture and is prone to mildew and mold.
Our panels are built with metal frames, to provide strength and clean lines.


Our panels are not held together with glue.
Some panels are just acoustic media draped with fabric.
The fabric we use for our panels is tucked, and riveted to the frame.


We don't use staples. 
Structural integrity is important when Acoustic panels are hanging above your customers. It will take over 45 pounds of force to forcibly remove our panel off the wall or ceiling, once it is secured.

We can help you

With your noise problem

How are the panels
made and installed?

We use several drill
presses to ensure
accuracy and consistency,
one for each application.

drill press used to make acoustical panels

The metal cut-off
saw allows us to make
different frame sizes

mitre saw used to make acoustical panel

3/16” rivets provide the
strength in the frames

rivet gun used to make acoustical panels gta

Scaffolding is required
for installation on 
high ceilings and walls

acoustic sound panels in the toronto gta

The Zoom H4 Audio
recorder captures
sound differentials

zoom recorder to measure sound for acoustical panels

Our 6 foot by 12 foot trailer helps us get the panels to you

trailer used to transport our acoustical panels

Frequently asked Questions:
We are a business providing Customized Acoustic solutions. 

Anywhere from 30% to 50%
The standard sizes range from:  2'x2' to 4'x8'
The standard thickness is 1”, low profile (no bulky frame)
Yes, it captures and dampens all mid to high frequencies
There are over 20 standard colours (please ask for samples)
Yes, we can print any picture, text or graphic on the panels
Yes, we do
Yes we are, fully insured, to manufacture and install
There is no minimum order quantity
They can be installed on walls and ceilings
The Panels can be installed on Drywall, Block, Cement, Brick, Wood and Metal.
The fastening hardware is rated for 160 lbs, pull force and 80 lbs shear force. The panels themselves only weigh 10 lbs.
Yes, there is a 90 day money back guarantee
Visit our Showroom in Oakville, the Panels are on our walls

Have more questions?
Visit our forum for more information

Our Team

We are a close family of talented and driven people that strive to deliver quality and honesty.

Josh Thackray -

josh Thackray

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Our work is built with integrity and attention to detail. I oversee all of the manufacturing and installations 

Miriam Thackray -

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Corporate Accounts
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Miriam manages corporate accounts.

Luke Thackray

Sales Support 
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Luke provides sales support, and assists with the marketing efforts.

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Sara provides sales support.

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Serving Toronto


How we do it

Acoustic panel fabrication

Wrapping the panels

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Do acoustic panels work in restaurants?

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