Proudly serving Nova Scotia with our creative acoustic solutions.  

We are a small Canadian business operating out of Oakville, ON. We specialise in supplying unique-looking acoustic felt panels, baffles and ceiling clouds to commercial and residential customers alike. 
• Easy Shipping & Handling
Our products ship flat via courier and pallets, accompanied by detailed installation guides. Most orders dispatch within 21 days. 
• Effective Sound Dampening
Our products carry NRC ratings from .40 to .80, making them excellent at reducing sound echo and reverb. However, since they are not intended to soundproof, they cannot completely block sound transmission. 
• Safe & Eco-Friendly Material
The acoustic felt used in our products are 60% recycled and 100% recyclable. They carry a fire rating of Class A – the highest class in ASTM E84 testing standards. 

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