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New Free Shipping for 2023

Free Shipping in  Canada

Shipping within Canada is now free for all products that can be shipped via courier.

All products are now shipped within 3 weeks.


All mounting hardware is included and shipped with your order.


Feel free to request a sample acoustic felt colour kit.


We currently do not provide installation services. But full installation instructions are provided for each product.

Acoustic Felt Composition

Made with 60% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable. The felt is 1/2" thick made from P.E.T. is rigid, and Class A fire rated.


All pricing is in Canadian dollars, includes free shipping for products that are not 4'x8' sized products.

Colour Swatch Kit

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Blue Gray



Light Gray




Bright Green

Dark Marble

Medium Gray

Moss Green

Slate Gray


Sky Blue

Deep Blue


15% discount until April 7th 2023
On our "Beveled Acoustic Panels"


acoustic beveled wall panel 2x4 standard

Free shipping

Enter the discount code APR7 to get a 15% discount on our beveled acoustic panels.

Discount ends Friday April 7th.

New products - grooved wallcoverings

3d wall panels

4'x8' wallcoverings / panels

4'x8' wallcoverings

4'x 4' wall panels

Acoustic Felt - Prints

We manufacture value engineered alternatives for the following acoustic P.E.T. felt products.

We are not affiliated with the below manufactures, we do not manufacture their products, we provide alternate products.

No items found.

Colour Swatch Kit

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We are very sorry, but we are not currently installing. We are shipping across Canada and the United States.

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Case Studies

Acoustic Panels

Made in Toronto, Canada
Designed for

Offices & Restaurants

In Toronto.

acoustic panels canada - we manufacture for offices and restaurants

We manufacture

We manufacture acoustic panels to custom sizes in our manufacturing facility in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

We don't import acoustic panels from the US or China.

we install the acoustic panels for you

We Install

We Install the acoustic panels ourselves with our own employees.

We don't subcontract the installation out.

a few of our customers

How do the panels work?

The acoustic panels we install, captures sound and stops the echo in a room.

The image on the top right is a sound wave of sound echoing in a room for 4 seconds.

The image on the bottom is a sound wave captured after the installation of our TQR Panels..

We love our clients !

 acoustic-panel-kerr-street-cafe-oakville-canadawisebar-noisy-pub-toronto-canadaboardroom in toronto canada was too noisy client response to acoustic wall panel installation in toronto canadaThank you from a customer - feedback on our acoustic ceiling panels in toronto canadaacoustic wall panel customer in torontocustomer comment on acoustic panels in canadaelspero-sound-panels-toronto-oakville-canadaclient feedback for our acoustic panels in Torontoacoustic panels on ceiling acoustic panels on walls acoustic panels hanging acoustic panels in  canada

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