Shipping Rates

Most Products Ship Free! 

Products with a "free shipping" icon at the bottom left corner of its listing photos automatically ships free. 

If your order contains oversized product(s), the entire order is charged a flat rate shipping fee of $300. This fee is waived when your order subtotal reaches $2,000. 

Oversized order ≤ $1,999

$300 flat rate

Oversized order ≥ $2,000

(Savings of $300)

Shipping FAQs: 

Q: How long does it take before you can ship out my order?

A: We have a striving record of fulfilling and dispatching orders within 21 days of your order confirmation. 

     Please note, we are unable to control any transit delays caused by the shipping company. Please factor in transit time if your project follows a sensitive timeline. 
Q: Where do you ship to?
A: We ship to all addresses in the United States and Canada. 
Q: How are taxes and duties calculated?
A: For orders shipped to Canada, taxes are automatically calculated at checkout. The tax rate will depend on the province of the shipping address. 

    For orders shipped to the United States, duties and taxes are already included in the product listing price – no surprises! 

Q: Can you give me a full list of products that come (and don't come) with free shipping?

A: Yes! Here they are: 

Products that ship free: 
  • Clouds and Baffles (all except Flat Cloud)
  • 4x4 Wall Panels (all)
  • 2x4 Wall Panels (all)
  • Acoustic Tackable Wall Panels - Pieces
  • Wall Tiles (all)
  • 3D Wall Panels (Diffusers)
  • Desk Dividers
Oversized products that require a flat rate shipping fee for the entire order: 
  • Flat Cloud
  • Wall Coverings
  • 4x8 Wall Panels
  • 4x8 Space Dividers
  • Acoustic Tackable Wall Panels - Full Sheet
  • 3D Wall Panels (Crescent Wall, Parametric Wall, Pulsar, The Bars)
  • Floor Partitions

Q: Why do oversized products require a flat rate shipping fee?

A: Oversized products require commercial (i.e. pallet) shipping, which by nature are much more costly than courier shipping. 

    We package all of our products flat to ensure you are getting the lowest possible flat rate. As a token of gratitude for your support, we will waive this flat rate when your order subtotal reaches $2,000, effectively offering you free shipping across all products in our store, oversized or not. 
Q: Can you waive the flat rate shipping fee if I order a combination of products with and without free shipping?
A: Yes, as long as the entire order subtotal reaches $2,000. Feel free to get creative and mix & match! 

Q: Can you waive the flat rate shipping fee by combining multiple orders?

A: Unfortunately no. We can only waive the flat rate if the entire order subtotal reaches $2,000. 

     If you are planning a bigger purchase, please make sure to place all products in one order to enjoy the savings. 
Q: I have more questions!
A: Let us answer them for you! 

    Please email us at with the subject headline "Shipping Questions".