Looking for Zintra products?

Looking for a Zintra Dealer or reseller?

Where Zintra is specified, we offer an economical substitute.

Do you resell Zintra products?

We manufacture a value engineered alternative to Zintra, called the "Imagine Series". In Canada, the full Zintra product line can be purchased in Canada through Crown Wall paper.

Pricing and Lead time

Our lead time on stocked "Imagine Series" product is 5 days. Please email Luke at luke@thequietroom.ca for pricing.

What type of equivalent products do you manufacture?

We manufacture Imagine Series baffles, which are equivalent to Zintra blades, Zintra clouds, Zintra islands, Zintra Acoustic Panels, Zintra Patterns, Zintra partitions, Zintra louvers, Zintra wallcovering,  and desk dividers.

Our Imagine series can be totally customized to meet your vision.

What colours are available?

We have 24 colours, please ask for our sample packs also.  See below

Is the Imagine Series similar to the Zintra product line?

Yes both are made from the same raw materials, share the same fire rating, NRC values and thickness of 1/2 inch.

Can you do custom designs?

Yes, because we manufacture everything in Oakville, Ontario, we are able to size the product to spec and personalize the product.

Do you install?

Yes we supply and install the Imagine Series product line

Where can I buy the Zintra alternative?

You can buy our Zintra alternate directly from us. We can ship anywhere in Canada.

Do you sell by the Sheet too?

Yes we do, the sheets are 48"x96"

Imagine Series Colours

Imagine Series colours

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Some of the styles we offer:

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