acoustic felt tackable panels

Tackable Acoustic Felt Panels

How tackable are the panels

The panels are 12mm (1/2") thick. The panels are made from acoustic rigid acoustic felt that can stand up to impact and pins. The panels are made from acoustic felt.

What colours do they come in?

Refer to the colour chart below for available colours.

Can I specify size and shapes of the felt board?

Yes, the boards come 4 high and 8 feet wide. We can cut them to any size down to 6 inches by 6 inches.

Does anyone else in Canada sell this type of product?

Yes, Ezobord makes a great acoustic tackable panel.
Filzfelt makes a similar product, called the Akustic 10 Wall.

Do you send out samples?

Yes, just tell us the size and colour.

Do you sell by the Sheet too?

Yes we do, the sheets are 48"x96"

Imagine Series Colours

Imagine Series colours

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Sara Thackray

call or text 905-399-2481

Some of the styles we offer:

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