Case Study

La Cubana Restaurant

Installation of acoustic panels on the ceiling of La Cubana

  • We visited the restaurant in Toronto to understand their acoustic issues
  • We took measurements and provided a formal quote
  • The job took about 4 hours to compete and was completed off hours
  • The client chose white fabric to allow the panels to blend in with the ceiling
  • Our proprietary ceiling installation fixtures allows us to install the panels perfectly aligned.

Pre-Install analysis

  • The Reverb in the room was 2.5 seconds due to the hard, reflective surfaces.
  • Our objective was to reduce the reverb by at least 50%

Dimensions of Room

  • Length of Room 23 feet
  • Width of Room 15 feet
  • Height of Room 11.5 feet
  • Volume of Room in cubic feet 3,967 cubic feet

The concerns of the client

The owner wanted to reduce the noise in the restaurant by half, customers were complaining about the noise level. He also wanted to have the acoustic treatment fit in with the current theme and not be noticed by his customers.

The solution

  • Install 4 Acoustic panels on the ceiling, each 4 feet by 10 feet
  • The panels were 1" thick, wrapped in acoustic fabric
  • panels have been tested at the Riverbank Acoustic Laboratory
  • The panels have an NRC rating of .80 and a fire rating of Class A

Post Installation Analysis

We ( reduced the reverb by 60% from 2.5 seconds to 1 second.
The client and their customers are extremely happy with the results!