Acoustic Die-Cut Wall Coverings

Acoustic Wall Coverings are easily installed on walls for a stylish flair.

Abandoned Fence

abandoned fence acoustic wallcovering

Symmetrical Squares

Symmetrical Squares acoustic wall covering

Broken Window

broken window acoustic wall covering


classic acoustic wallcovering

Diamond Reflection

diamond reflection acoustic wallcovering


crosses acoustic wallcovering

Wooden Slats

wooden slats acoustic wallcovering

The Bulge

the bulge acoustic wallcovering

Random Orbs

random orbs acoustic wallcovering

Light Show

light show acoustic wallcovering

Decorative Pedals

decorative pedals acoustic wall covering

Square Holes

square holes acoustic wall covering

Wall Grid

wall grid acoustic wall covering

Wall Maze

wall maze acoustic wallcovering

Three Triangles

three triangles acoustic wallcovering


chevrons acoustic wallcovering

Swiss Cheese

swiss cheese acoustic wallcovering

Acoustic Wall coverings

Do you manufacture the wall coverings

Yes, we make them here in Oakville, We ship anywhere within North America.

What colour options are available?

There are 24 colours to choose from. Colour chart is at the bottom of this page.

How are they installed?

Use double sided tape and optionally construction adhesive.

Are there any other Vendors manufacturing these types of products?

Yes there is, Zintra, Ezobord, Turf and Filzfelt. They are all great products!


Standard: 1/2" Thick
4 feet wide x 8 feet high
$ 480

Are there any additional costs besides shipping?

There are no additional costs

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Contact info:

Sara Thackray

call or text 905-399-2481

Some of the styles we offer:

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