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What are acoustic panels for offices?

Acoustic panels for offices are acoustic panels designed to be installed on the walls or the ceiling of an office. The acoustic panels will dampen the noise, eliminate the echo and will look like they were designed with the room in mind.

Can a measurement be taken of the noise level in my office?

A decibel reader will measure the noise level, but what most people describe as noise, is actually echo. The decibel reading in a room with acoustic treatment may actually be the same as one without. The perceived excess noise, is the sound of voices reflecting of the hard surfaces in your office, for an extended period of time, not the actual decibel level of the voices.

Why is my office loud?

A room becomes very loud, when the sound of people's voices echo and reflect off the walls, floors and ceiling. In the 80's most offices and conference rooms, had carpet on the flow, and acoustic tiles on the ceilings. The trend now is to have polished concrete on the floor and exposed concrete ceilings.

When we hold a teleconference call, or an internal meeting, it is difficult to understand what is said. Even small sounds are disruptive.

Boardrooms and offices can be very stark and empty. This can cause echo and reverb to the point that sound becomes so muddy that it is hard to understand what people are saying, in the same room. When there is a conference call, the problem is amplified. Read more about speakerphone issues here.

It is embarrassing when my client or prospect is asking why we sound so bad on a teleconference call.

Businesses usually spend from a hundred to five hundred dollars on a speakerphone for their boardroom or office, only to find out that the parties listening on the other side of the call, can barely understand them, due to poor acoustics in the room. A better teleconference phone will only make the echo more obvious, and will accentuate the echo in the room.

Will acoustic panels reduce the noise in an office?

Our Acoustic panels, will reduce the noise in any size of room. You can use our acoustic panel calculator to understand how many square feet of acoustic coverage your room will require.

Should the acoustic panels be installed on the ceiling or wall?

Ideally acoustic panels for offices should be installed on two perpendicular surfaces, at least one wall and the ceiling. The reality is that we rarely get the opportunity to get that kind of coverage. Where the panels are installed, is usually dictated by what we have to work around. For example existing fixtures, pictures, lighting and furniture. Read more about acoustic panel placement.

How do I know if the acoustic panels will work in my office?

We provide a quote and a panel layout for your room. If we are not confident that we can reduce the noise level by 35% to 45% we will not take on the project. Our acoustic panels are designed for offices.

What is the "loaner acoustic panel program" that you offer?

We supply loaner acoustic panels to test out, in your office at no cost. They are designed to be placed against the office walls. The acoustic panels are 8' high and 2' wide and stand on the ground. This service provides the customer with realistic effect the actual acoustic panels for offices will have, without any risk, or cost the customer. The loaner acoustic panels work best in an office with a ceiling height between 9' and 11'. Read more about the acoustic panel loaner program.

How do I get a quote or an assessment for the manufacturing, delivery and installation of the acoustic panels for offices?

Send us pictures of the space, to and basic dimensions. We can then provide a budget range the same day. If the estimate we provide is within your budget, we would then come on site within a week, to take measurements, provide a formal quote and an acoustic panel layout for your review. The onsite visit is free.

What fabric options do you have, to cover the acoustic panels?

We have hundreds of fabric options. We will leave you with fabric swatches after the onsite visit. Fabric choice does not change the price of the panels. All of the fabric we offer is acoustically transparent.

Can I have something printed on the acoustic panel, like a logo or a picture?

Printing can be very expensive, but they are eye catching and visually attractive. Printing on the acoustic panels is done using high definition graphic files. If you are looking for Stock photos try and choose the XXXL version. Here is a detailed explanation and spec.

How long will it take to install the acoustic panels in our office?

Typically to install acoustic panels in a boardroom or office will take between 2 and 4 hours to install. We can also work around your business hours.

How will the acoustic panels for offices look? Will they look professional?

We spend a great deal of attention to detail during the construction of the acoustic panels. We manufacture the acoustic panels ourselves in Toronto, Canada. Because the acoustic panels are made with an extruded aluminum internal frame, the corners and lines are sharp, and the fabric is wrapped tight.

Where do you work primarily and how many offices have you done?

We work primarily in the Toronto and the GTA and have installed acoustic sound panels in over a thousand offices.

What is the next step?

Send Sara some pictures of the space at, and some basic dimension if possible. You can also chat with Sara in the chat box on the bottom right of this website.

Here is a what a standard acoustic panel for an office might look like in an office.

acoustic panel in a boardroom in Toronto

Here are a few acoustic panels for offices, that have colour or images printed on them.

acoustic panel installed in office with printed fabric

acoustic panel for the wall with custom colour and logo

What does Quora recommend regarding acoustic panels for offices?

Quora answers: How effective are sound absorbing panels at reducing noise in my office:

What is the next step?

Send Sara some pictures of the space at, and some basic dimension if possible. You can also chat with Sara in the chat box on the bottom right of this website.

When shopping for acoustic panels for offices, select a vendor that provides a complete solution, from manufacturing to installation. Choose

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