About Us

We are a close family of talented and driven people that strive to deliver quality and honesty. All located in Oakville, and Toronto, Canada.

Our primary focus is acoustics, and manufacturing architectural acoustic designed products.
We also provide a wide range of services including cutting plexiglass, aluminum, rubber and foam products.

We are located in Oakville (just outside of Toronto) in Ontario Canada. We ship across Canada and the Continental United States.


Acoustic Panels - Josh Thackray - Acoustic Panels in Canada at TheQuietRoom.ca toronto Canada

josh Thackray

289-351-1544 ext 600

Our work is built with integrity and attention to detail. I oversee all of the manufacturing and acoustic panels installations.

Acoustic panels - Miriam Thackray - TheQuietRoom.ca Acoustic Panels inToronto Canada

miriam Thackray

Corporate Accounts
289-351-1544 ext 600

Miriam manages corporate accounts, and outside acoustic panels sales.

Acoustic Panels Canada at TheQuietRoom.ca Toronto Ontario Canada

Luke Thackray

Sales Support 
289-351-1544 ext 601

Luke provides sales support, and assists with the marketing efforts.

Acoustic Panels in Canada at TheQuietRoom.ca toronto ontario Canada Sara Thackray

Sara Thackray

289-351-1544 ext 605

Sara provides acoustic panels inside sales support.