acoustic wall panels

Acoustic wall panels

What are acoustic wall panels?

Acoustic wall panels are simply acoustic panels that designed to be installed on walls.

They can be installed or hung with clips, or impaled on impalers. They are usually one inch to two inches thick.

Acoustic wall panels are cheaper than acoustic panels designed for the ceiling, as they don't need all of the reinforcement needed for ceiling installations in offices and ceiling installation in restaurants.

Do your acoustic wall panels cover the whole wall, from top to bottom?

Our acoustic wall panels don't cover the whole wall. They are installed 1/4" off the wall, and cover about 1/3 of the wall. They range in sizes from 2'x2' to 4'x8'.

This is an example of an acoustic wall panel that covers the complete wall: (we don't do this)

How do I choose the best acoustic wall panels for my office or restaurant?

There are two things to consider, performance and aesthetics. The acoustic wall panels have to be effective, and blend in. It is much easier to fabricate a panel that works as effective as the next one, but it takes more time and costs more to fabricate an acoustic wall panel that will look professional on your wall.

What are fabric acoustic wall panels?

Most acoustic wall panels are wrapped in fabric, that will let the sound travel through into the acoustic media in the panel. There is always a wide range of standard colours and fabrics to choose from.

Where are acoustic wall panels made? acoustic panels for walls are made in our manufacturing plant in Oakville. We deliver and install the acoustic wall panels too.

Are the acoustic panels made for specific industry?

Our panels are designed specifically for Offices and Restaurants. They can't be used for baffles, clouds or waves.

How are the panels fastened to the wall?

The acoustic wall panels are installed with z-clips (french cleat). Here is a video demonstrating how z-clips work:

clip for acoustic wall panels in toronto

We do not use impalers as they are hard to line and time consuming to install. Using impalers is equivalent to pushing the acoustic wall panel onto a wall with nails sticking out, to hold it to the wall. Here is a video demonstrating acoustic wall panel installation with impalers.

Why install acoustic panels on walls?

Acoustic panels installed on walls are more economical to manufacture, than acoustic ceiling panels, and they take less time to install.

Can the acoustic wall panels have printed images, a logo, or photos on them?

Yes, the images will have to be hi-res. Printing on the acoustic wall panel usually will cost the same as the actual acoustic panel. We use McRae Imaging to print our fabric when logos or pictures are required.

We offer decorative acoustic panels in all sizes.

Is an "acoustic wall panel" the same thing as an "acoustic sound wall panel"

Yes, those two terms can be used interchangeably.

Are acoustic wall panels installed flush to the wall?

Typically there is 1/4" space between the acoustic wall panel and the wall. This space increases the effectiveness of the acoustic wall panel, by allowing sound to travel behind the panel.

Can I remove an acoustic wall panel if I need to paint the wall?

Yes, the acoustic wall panels are installed with z-clips and the acoustic wall panels simply lift off the installed brackets on the wall. If rotofast fasteners were used to secure the panels, the panels may need to be pulled with more force.

Why are your acoustic wall panels only 1" thick?

Wall panels only need to be 1" thick for dampening noise in offices and restaurants. Typically 2" acoustic panels are used in a recording studio or a home theatre when you are specifically trying to trap low band of bass frequency.

Can I clean the acoustic wall panel?

Yes, they can be spot cleaned with regular soap and water or Tide to go. If a panel is in need of repair or the fabric needs to be replaced, we can provide that service also.

What sizes does an acoustic wall panel come in?

Acoustic wall panels come in any size from 1'x1' to 4'x8', in square or rectangle shapes.

How much does an acoustic wall panel weigh?

A 4'x8' acoustic wall panel weighs about 14 lbs.

What are decorative acoustic wall panels?

Decorative acoustic wall panels usually refer to panels that are either covered in a printed acoustic fabric or are manufactured in shapes and sizes considered to be artistic.

What is the lead time from order to install?

Once  the order is placed and the fabric and sizes have been determined, we can install the acoustic wall panels within 2 to 3 weeks.

Will the acoustic wall panels look professional  in my office or restaurant?

Yes, the acoustic panel lines are tight and clean and the customer feedback has always been positive.

Can you install the acoustic wall panels off hours?

Yes, we work around your business schedule.

How can I see one of your acoustic wall panels?

Please come down to the shop in Oakville, we always have panels on the wall to look at. You can also tour our manufacturing facility next door.

How can I see the panels in an office or restaurant in Toronto?

We can provide a list of restaurants that you could go and visit, and see and listen. Offices are a little more difficult, to arrange site visits.

Acoustic wall panels vs acoustic baffles, acoustic board and acoustic foam.

The bottom line here it that acoustic wall panels look the most professional, and actually more effective than acoustic foam, acoustic baffles and acoustic board.

Do you come on site to do an assessment of my space?

Yes, we typically ask for you to email us basic dimensions and a few pictures of the space. We can then provide a budget range. After the budget for the acoustic panels is approved, we would then come on site to take measurements, so we could then provide a formal quote.

What type of guarantee do you have?

We will provide a full refund for the acoustic wall panels, if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Is your team insured?

Yes, We are fully insured for 1 Million dollars, we also carry current WSIB.

Some of the styles we offer:

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