why acoustic panels?

Why acoustic panels?

Why acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels are still the most economical solution for managing echo, sound, reverb and general noise issues in rooms. Acoustic panels blend in with the walls and ceilings. Aesthetically the panels are the best looking option. It is also quite easy to print pictures and graphics on them.

Why not acoustic baffles?

Acoustic baffles are similar to acoustic panels, but can be costly and are usually hanging in plain sight. Read more about acoustic baffles.

Why not acoustic clouds?

Acoustic clouds are large hanging acoustic baffles. Clouds and baffles are in plain sight and can be a distraction.

Why not acoustic diffusers?

Acoustic diffusers usually made of wood, go on the wall, and are quite expensive. They are typically used in recording studios. The biggest drawback to diffusers are their awkward look.

Why not Acoustic wood?

Acoustic wood must be engineered into the room, during the pre-eng phase of construction. These can also be costly to manufacture and install.

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