where to buy acoustic panels?

Where to buy acoustic panels?

Where can acoustic panels be purchased?

There are lots of people just looking to buy acoustic panels, thinking that the acoustic panels can be installed in a matter of minutes.

The type of acoustic panels that you can install yourself are typically home theatre or home music studio acoustic panels. If the panels are going to be installed in a commercial or retail environment, the acoustic panels should be installed by professionals.

There are quite a few acoustic panel providers across Canada and the United States. Very few acoustic panel providers will actually do the installation themselves.

Long & McQuade resell acoustic panels that you can order and purchase from any of their locations.

We can also provide the acoustic panels and drop off anywhere in the GTA at no cost.

We always recommend that if the acoustic panels will be installed in an office or restaurant that you have an acoustic panel installer do the work, as there may be a liability issue involved.

All acoustic panels are not created equal. High quality panels wrapped with high quality acoustic fabric, can almost be double the cost as their cheaper counterpart. Ask the vendor for pictures up close of the front, the sides and edges of the panel.

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