what are acoustic panels made of? what material is used to make them?

What are acoustic panels made of?

What are acoustic panels made of?

There are three components to the acoustic panels. The frame, the fabric or covering and the acoustic media.

Every panel needs a frame to support the panel.

A frame allows the panel to be installed easily like a picture on a wall, or on the ceiling.

Acoustic fabric covers the panels.

Acoustically transparent fabric is wrapped around the frame, and allows sound to travel through to be absorbed by the material behind the fabric.

The most important piece of the panel is the what is not seen, the "acoustic media"

Behind the fabric, is the acoustic media. Acoustic media is the material that actually absorbs sound. The acoustic media can be anything from fibreglass, to cotton.

Why can't I just make my own panels?

For a nonprofessional space, it would be viable to make your own panels

See this link to see how to build your own panels.

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