New York

Value Engineered Acoustic Felt alternatives

We are typically 60% of the competitor's cost.

We are an accepted equivalent in the acoustic felt industry.

The Product we provide:

We provide Value engineered acoustic felt (P.E.T) alternatives to Drywall and Acoustic contractors in New York, USA.

We provide samples or finished products anywhere in New York, within 7 days.

Our focus is manufacturing acoustic felt that is an acceptable substitute to architects and clients, to provide a value engineered alternative to the big brand names.

We manufacture and supply 90% of the big brand name equivalents for the acoustic Felt (P.E.T.) industry.

The Value we provide:

  • Shop Drawings.
  • Free Samples.
  • A simple quote that is easy to read and price with.
  • A price that is typically 60% of the competition.

Low Risk to you when bidding jobs:

We understand that there is risk working with new manufacturers, so we have developed a system that lowers the risk for you.

  • We supply samples of the finished product, in the color chosen.
  • We supply samples of the hardware at no cost also.
  • We provide shop drawings specific to your drawings at no cost.
  • Our quotes have no hidden costs.
  • From door to door, shipping is only 7 days.
  • We crate the finished product, usually on a 4'x8' pallet to make it impervious to shipping and forklift damage.
  • We fix the shipping cost at 750$ per crate.

Who we are:

  • We are a Canadian Company based in Toronto, Ontario, we have been manufacturing acoustic products for 10 years.
  • We have found that there is no reason for the exorbitant pricing structure that the big brand name acoustic manufacturers are demanding.
  • We have been working contractor all over the US, and have not had one product returned yet.
  • Our products have been Fire Rated in the USA (Class A), and acoustically tested in Chicago at Riverbank studios.
  • Our products are made from exactly the same polyester compound (P.E.T.) that all the big manufacturers products are.
  • We are a viable acoustic felt substitute

Next Steps:

We would love to provide pricing for a job that you have already completed.

  • Don't send drawings, but send us a short list of items and we can send back, with a price per item.
  • Then, If you think we are competitive, think of us on the next acoustic felt project you have.

In Summary:

We manufacture the same product the big brand names do, at 60% of the cost (or less). We work directly with you, to ensure the product meets the client's expectations.

We are a small, responsive, family owned business, just north of your border, that takes pride in the products we manufacture. We think that purchasing acoustic felt products does not have be complicated, and expensive.