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Spray foam

Does spray foam have acoustic value?

Yes, it does, but it is nominal. The NRC value of foam is very low.

Is there something that can be applied to spray foam to make it more acoustically viable?

Yes, there are coatings that can be applied to spray foam, that has a high NRC value. This coating has a fire rating and can be quite expensive, upwards of $7/ square foot. One applicator is called Sonaspray, that creates and NRC rating from .65 to .9.

Does the acoustic coating really help?

Yes, it does help, it has an acoustic value that is quite high, but it can look unattractive.

When is spray foam and acousting coating a good idea?

When a building is under construction, this solution makes sense. Everything should be taped with plastic and a scissor lift would be used to move quickly around the building, while the applications are being applied.

Can I apply spray foam myself?

Unfortunately not, you need special equipment to heat up the chemicals to specific temperature. If you don't get the spray foam chemicals and temperature correct, there is a risk of the foam not actually ever curing properly. This can cause issues with off-gasing and VOCs.

Where is spray foam and the acoustic coating used the most?

Typically the ceiling is the most common surface that is covered by spray foam and acoustic coating. Spray foam can be applied to almost any surface type.

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