speakerphone quality issues resolved with acoustic panels

Speakerphone quality poor?

Speakerphone quality poor? people on the other end complaining they can't hear you clearly?

The problem may not be your phone. It may be the room you are making the call from. A room that has flat reflective surfaces, can create echo or room reverberation. Even subtle room reverb or echo can make it difficult for the party on the other end of the call to understand you.

The solution is to stop the sound reflections.

Stop the sound reflections by absorbing the sound or diffusing the sound. Absorbing the sound is economical and aesthetically pleasing.

How will acoustic panels improve the speakerphone quality of my conversation?

Acoustic panels will absorb the sound that is bouncing around the room, and will eliminate any room echo.

Where can the acoustic panels be installed?

Acoustic panels can be installed on walls or ceilings of any office room. Acoustic wall panels are more economical.

How many acoustic panels will be required?

The easiest way to figure out how many acoustic panels will be needed, is to perform this simply mathematically equation. Multiply the volume of the room by .03 to estimate the acoustic square footage required. For a more detailed explanation please see this page.

Before you invest in a better speakerphone.

Have us come in to provide some "acoustic loaner panels", for you test out.

A higher quality speakerphone

A higher quality speakerphone will only accentuate and highlight the acoustic problem in the room.

Acoustic Panels.

We can install acoustic panels that blend into your office environment.

Send Sara a few pictures of the space and some rough dimensions to  sara@thequietroom.ca.
We will then send you a budget range the same day. If the budget looks good to you, we can then come onsite to do an assessment, measurements and provide a formal quote.

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