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What is meant by the term soundproofing panels?

This is a term that is often misunderstood. gets phone calls everyday asking about soundproofing panels. Half of those calls are inquiring about reducing the noise within a room, the other half of those calls are about stopping noise from entering the room.

For example an office manager will call us and say that their boardroom has an echo and is loud, and that they need us to install soundproofing panels. The other example is a tenant in a condominium will call and ask us to install soundproofing panels on their wall to stop the noise from the neighbour.

If you take the analogy of the term "waterproof" and line that up with "soundproof" the definition for soundproofing will become clear.
To waterproof something means to seal it and stop water from entering or leaving the object or space. To soundproof would be to stop sound entering or leaving the space.

The first example is not soundproofing but sound dampening. When someone says that the noise generated in the room is too loud, it is a sound dampening issue. When someone says the noise generated outside the space is coming in, it is a soundproofing issue.

Are there two different types of panels to address both problems?

Acoustic panel address sound dampening, by absorbing sound as it reflects around a space, eliminating echo and reverb, and making the room much quieter. The key here is to understand that these acoustic panels dampen sound generated in the same room.

Soundproofing panels can stop sound entering or leaving a room, but doesn't eliminate echo and reverb in a room, from sound generated in a room. provides materials with a high STC value for the individual or construction company to install during the construction stage of a room to reduce and stop sound transfer in and out of a room, but we don't carry any post construction solutions.

There are very few good, true soundproofing solutions. There isn't such a thing as soundproofing panels. There are virtually no companies in Canada that carry a full range of soundproofing products. Acoustiblok and Acoustical Solutions, in the US carries the widest range of soundproofing products, Unfortunately soundproofing is a prolific problem in Toronto, with very few solutions.

So what is the answer to soundproofing?

For sound dampening, reducing the noise level in a room, that is generated in that room, we can help.

To stop noise travelling into your space, which is a soundproofing solution, the solutions always involve construction. Construction would mean, adding another layer of drywall to the existing wall. Soundproof construction may also mean decoupling walls, studs etc.

We can provide the products, but we are not an Interior General Contractor. To make things even more difficult, there seems to be very few General or Subcontractors that are aware of the solutions, and how to implement the solutions.

The answer? can help with sound dampening, reducing noise levels, reducing and eliminating echo in a room. can provide materials to help soundproof a room. These materials are designed to implemented during construction.

The cannot provide soundproofing solutions for soundproofing a space after it is constructed.

So what about Soundproofing panels?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a soundproofing panel. There is no panel that can fixed or installed to wall or ceiling post construction that will aid in soundproofing.

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