How to solve echo in my office with acoustic panels

Soundproof your office

What is soundproofing?

When most people use the phrase "Soundproofing" it can mean one or two things:
1) Stopping the sound from transferring from one room to another ..or
2) Eliminating the echo in an office that can make conversation hard to understand on a speakerphone.

We provide solutions for the eliminating the echo in your office. Technically our solution is called sound dampening, or sound reduction, or Sound attenuation.

Unfortunately our acoustic panels do not stop the transfer of voices or noise from one room to another. Click here to read more about soundproofing vs sound dampening.

We have both issues, can you panels help?

Unfortunately our acoustic panels, and any acoustic panels will not stop noise travelling from one room to another.

Can your acoustic panels help with improving the sound quality within an office?

Yes, we can definitely help with that. We manufacture, deliver and install our acoustic panels.

What is the next step?

Follow this link, to email Sara, to see how we can provide a turnkey solution to solve the acoustic issue in your office.

Do you service any offices in Toronto?

Yes, most of our clients are in Toronto.

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