How to solve echo in my office with acoustic panels

Sound panels in your office or restaurant

What are sound panels?

Sound panels are just another name for acoustic panels. Some people call them acoustic sound panels. Sound panels are 1" thick and range from 2'x2' to 4'x8'. Sound panels reduce the noise in your office or restaurant. Sound panels will dampen the noise in your space, reducing echo and reverb. Expect a considerable reduction in noise in your office or restaurant, after the installation of our sound panels.

Where can they be installed?

The panels can be installed on walls or ceiling in offices, or restaurants.
You will need to calculate the proper amount of coverage, and the proper placement.

Do you manufacture and install them?

Yes, we manufacture them in Oakville, and deliver and install them anywhere in the GTA. We have a full manufacturing facility. We are fully insured. Our sound panels are built with the highest standards and our facility is a fully insured manufacturing and assembly plant.

What is the next step?

Follow this link, to email Sara, to see how we can provide a turnkey solution to solve the acoustic issue in your office or restaurant. Typically from order to install it takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

What do they look like?

Have a look at our homepage, to see some of our sound panels installed in offices and restaurants. We also encourage you to come down to our office and look at the sound panels installed on our display wall. We also have panels on display with full colour prints.

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