sound absorption panels

Sound Absorbing Panels

What is a sound absorbing panel?

Sound absorbing panels are designed to reduce sound reflections in a room. Sound reflections create echo and reverb in a room. The reflections can cause the room to sound extremely loud.

Sound absorbing panels are installed on walls or ceilings, or both surfaces. They are designed to capture sound waves. The sound waves are converted into heat as they dissipate in the sound absorbing material. The right placement of the panels is just as important as the proper acoustic coverage. We try to address at least two perpendicular surfaces.

How are sound absorbing panels made?

Sound absorbing panels are made with either felt, cotton, or fibreglass. We make our acoustic panels in our production plant in Oakville. Our facility is fully insured and we maintain a high level of quality in our production. Each sound absorbing panel is hand made, with a strong inner frame capable of withstanding a significant pull and sheer force.

Who are your customers?

Here are some of our customers. All of customers are happy and referenceable. We would be happy to provide you with a list of contacts. Most of our customers are in the Toronto area, and are either Offices or Restaurants.

How much quieter will my office or restaurant be?

Expect a reduction in your restaurant or office of about 35% to 45%.

The sound absorbing panels can be installed on your ceiling or your walls.

Yes, there are made to fit in with the decor of your office or restaurant. We use high quality acoustic fabric, wrapped around our custom made aluminum extruded frame.

What kind of fabric do you offer to cover the sound absorbing panels?

All of the fabric we offer is acoustically transparent, so that sound passes through the fabric into the panel behind. We offer a large offering of fabric colours and styles. Check out our Decorative Acoustic Panels too.

What is the lead time to installation

In most cases we can install the sound absorbing panels within 2 to 3 weeks. See details of the process to get going.

How can I make my own sound absorbing panels?

Yes you can, here are some basic examples of how to make your own Sound absorbing panels,  How to make your own panels.

How does someone figure out how many sound absorbing panels to use in a room?

There are lots of formulas, we use our own acoustic panel coverage calculator.

Where are most of you customers?

Most of our sound absorbing panels are install in and around the Toronto area.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes, we do, please ask us about guarantee. We offer a guarantee if you accept the configuration that we propose on the quote and panel layout.

Sorry, we do not install acoustic baffles. Most ceilings have sprinklers. To install acoustic baffles on the ceiling, would violate, fire and building codes.

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