glossary of terms and terminolgoy for acoustic panels

Glossary of Terms - Room Acoustics

What is acoustic dampening?

Acoustic dampening is the softening of noise or reduction of sound in a room. When someone says the room is "loud" it is usually because the sound generated in the room, from voices, continue to bounce around the room. These sounds either need somewhere to escape, or something to capture them. A single sound (for instance a hand clap) wave can bounce from wall to wall in a room hundreds of times before dissipating.

What is soundproofing?

Soundproofing is stopping noise transferring from one environment to another. An example of this, is when voices can be heard from another room, or street sounds can be heard inside your house. Acoustic panels don't solve this problem.

What does the term room acoustics refer to?

Room acoustics refers to the way in which sound behaves in a room, specifically the way that the shape, the surfaces, and the volume of a room affects the way that sound is understood by the human ear.

What does NRC mean?

NRC is an acronym for Noise Reduction Coefficient. This number represents how much sound, or energy generated from sound is absorbed by  a given media or surface.

What is an acoustic baffle?

An acoustic baffle, or sound baffle is acoustic media, that is hung from a ceiling, usually extending 6" to 3' into the space below.

What is meant by echo or sound reflection in a room?

Sound reflections in a room, are commonly perceived as "echo. Echo can be generated in rooms as small as a washroom, and as large as stadium.

What is ambient noise?

Ambient noise is background or resting noise in a room. The noise you hear when there is very little or regular activity in a room.

What are sound absorbers for restaurants?

What is a reflective surface?

A reflective surface is a surface that is flat and hard, such as glass, drywall, concrete and cinderblock.

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