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Acoustic Desk Dividers - All Felt - Slate

Felt Desk Divider Slate

Acoustic Desk Dividers with Felt Feet

How thick are the acoustic panels? What are the dimensions? What is the price of each panel?

The acoustic panels are 1/2" thick, the dimensions are 15" high by 23" long. Pricing is the table below.

How are they mounted on my desk?

The dividers are not fixed to a surface, but have felt feet that allow the divider to move freely across your desk. (If the dividers need to be fixed to a surface, double sided or mounting tape is recommended)

Do the dividers come in different sizes or different colours?

This divider is available in the colour "Slate" currently. Please contact us directly for custom colours or sizes.

Where do you ship? What is the lead time?

We ship across Canada and the United States, for a flat rate of 25$. Lead time is typically two days.

What are the panels made from ?

The acoustic panels are made from semi-rigid acoustic felt, (manufactured from 60% recycled plastic bottles).

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