Acoustic Wall Panel with Criss-cross

Acoustic Wall Panel with Criss-cross ($89 each)

Acoustic Wall Panel with Criss-cross

We also offer offer 2'x4' acoustic wall panels with a smooth face and with 6 beveled lines.

Please use the calculator below to calculate how many acoustic 2'x4' panels you will need to reduce the echo and reverb.

How thick are the acoustic panels? What are the dimensions? What is the price of each panel?

The acoustic panels are 1/2" thick, and 23 inches x 47 inches. Each Panel is 89$

What colours are offered? What is the finish of the panel?

24 Colours are available see below chart. The finish is flat with 45 degree beveled edges around the perimeter.

What is the NRC value (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of these panels?

0.65 NRC is achieved with the panel installed with our stand-offs.

How soon can these panels be shipped?

They can be shipped with 9-14 days, shipped from Toronto Canada anywhere in North America.

What are the panels made from ?

The acoustic panels are made from semi-rigid acoustic felt, (manufactured from 60% recycled plastic bottles).

We provide 4 Stainless Steel stand-offs, and wall screws. The stand-offs push the acoustic panel from the wall by about an inch.

What is your full colour list?

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