choosing or creating the best restaurant playlist

Restaurant playlists - what to play?

How important is a playlist? for my restaurant.

Its as a important as the paint on the wall.

Who should choose the playlist?

Do not let staff choose the songs or playlist.

Why can't I just stream music from the internet?

Music that is played from the internet is generally compressed and the quality suffers. Expect 20% degradation in quality. Some hardware can enhance the sound dynamically, but then it starts to sound artificial.

So what if the music isn't the best quality?

Streaming music compared to CD quality, can be like listening to a song on FM radio, as opposed to listening to a song on AM radio. When your restaurant is full, and noisy, you don't need poor music quality to contribute to the noise.

Should the playlist be a corporate decision?

If you are a franchise, yes. All music and playlists should be reviewed and approved by Corporate.

What is the best quality source for a playlist?

CD Quality is the best digital quality. Original pressed records are also great, they are warm sounding and can actually be cool to play. Don't stream Spotify or use other streaming services.

Is there a type or style of music that is ideal for restaurants?

Make sure the music always, always has a constant rhythm throughout the whole song, customers will relax when songs maintain rhythm and tempo. Songs that have melody lines, and rhythm that are “all over the place” is like sleeping beside someone who has sleep apnea. Those types of songs are fine for the car, but not when you are trying to have a conversation with someone at your table.

Don’t play pop or radio songs, they are good for the car, not for eating to.

If your playlist includes songs with vocals, make sure the vocals are not shrill, whiny and nasally. Voices should be soft and soothing.

Think about music this way, is the music creating a hyper type of environment, or relaxing? If it is not doing one or the other, then turn the music off.

Can I make my own music for the restaurant, or hire someone to make it.?

Absolutely, this way you have complete control. You can also add some audio adverts or reminders about special events etc at your restaurant.

Does my restaurant sound like everyone elses restaurant?

If you have not consciously put together a playlist or series of playlists, or letting your staff choose the music, your restaurant missed the opportunity to differentiate.

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