What is acoustic PET Felt

What is it?

Made from 100% polyester, 60% from recycled content. Lightweight, easy to cut and handle, makes it ideal for acoustic contractors to install.

What are the NRC values?

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What is the raw material used?

The product is made from polyethylene terephthalate. This raw material can be found in many recyclable plastics, such as plastic water bottles.

How thick can this material be produced?

The standard thickness is 12mm (1/2"). Sheets come in 4'x8'. Custom sizes and thicknesses are also available.

What different types of products can be manufactured with PET Felt?

Acoustic felt panels, felt Tiles, hanging felt baffles, felt desk dividers, felt floor dividers.

Other Felt PET manufacturers seem to use a similar product. Is it the same raw material?

Yes, similar. The chemical compounds for this product are available from each vendor, listed on the SDS (Safety Data Sheet). Filzfelt is the only manufacture that uses 100% wool.