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Noisy Restaurant?

Loud Restaurant? Noise level too loud in your restaurant?

Are customers complaining that your restaurant is too loud?
Are people saying that the noise level is too loud?
Are staff saying it is difficult to hear the customer's order?
Are customers complaining online about the noise level?

What causes a restaurant to be noisy?

Many restaurants are designed with hardwood floors or ceramic tiles and the walls are usually very bare. The voices of your customers will bounce around on these hard surfaces, it is the sound that is bouncing around that is interpreted, by the human ear, as unwanted and loud noise.

Why are some restaurants more "noisy" than others?

Some rooms, by design and some by chance have material in the room to absorb the sound. Some rooms have objects that will diffuse the sound.

What is the solution?

Acoustic panels are the most economical, and aesthetically pleasing option. A typical restaurant will require about 3k to 8k of acoustic panels.

Its hard to believe that acoustic panels actually work.

Yes, agreed. It is quite amazing when we visit a restaurant before and after the acoustic panels are installed. All of our customers are referenceable. They all are very happy with the results.

Will acoustic panels help with the music issue I have also?

The feedback we get from restaurant owners after the acoustic panels are installed, is that they can actually turn up the music louder, without annoying the guests. The music is cleaner and the guests are quieter.

Can the acoustic panels be installed on ceilings? or the walls?

Typically the walls of restaurants are already spoken for, so most of the time we install the acoustic panels on the ceiling.

If there is wall space available, we can also install the acoustic panels on the walls of your restaurant.

Want to know more about acoustic panels for restaurants ?

Will your acoustic panels help with noise complaints from our neighbours?

No, acoustic panels won't stop the transmission of noise from your restaurant to rooms or spaces outside your restaurant. For example if you are receiving noise complaints from residences above, beside or across the street from your restaurant, our panels will not help with that issue.

So what do your panels do?

Our acoustic panels, absorb noise, such as voices, the noise of plates and cutlery from bouncing around your restaurant. It is often not the noise of the restaurant, but the compounding noise of the restaurant, from the noise bouncing around in the restaurant that is responsible for customer complaints.

Where are most of your restaurant clients located?

Most of our customers are located in and around Toronto..

Here are a few of our customers:

See this page for a partial list of restaurant customers.

How do you figure out how many acoustic panels to install in a restaurant?

There is a mathematical calculation that we use. If we achieve this coverage we can reduce the noise in your restaurant by 35% to 45%.

What happens if you install the panels and I am not happy with the results?

If you agree with our recommended coverage, and you are not arbitrarily happy with the acoustic performance, (noise reduction), we will uninstall the panels, and provide a full refund.

Can I choose my own fabric for the panels? 

We use fabric that is designed for acoustic purposes. We have a large range of styles and colours to choose from. Ask us for some samples.

Can I have pictures or logos printed on the panels?

Yes, we can have pictures, images, text or logos printed on any size of acoustic panel. The only caveat is the images should be high resolution and the printing cost is not inexpensive.

What is the next step?

We would ask that you send us a few pictures of the space and basic (rough dimensions) to Sara We can then send you a budget range the same day. If the budget looks good, we will then come onsite to do an assessment, measurements and provide a formal quote.

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