attenuating noise with acoustic panels

Noise Attenuation

What is it?

By definition, noise attenuation, or acoustic attenuation is the management or reduction of noise.

Why is it important?

Noise or sound attenuation plays an important role in our day to day interactions with others as we verbally communicate with others. Noises or sounds that interfere with our communication, one to one or in a group, can be distracting, cause listener fatigue and generally have a negative effect on the message.

Types of attenuation

To reduce noise coming from an external source, soundproofing is required. The reduce noise that is generated locally in the immediate space, sound dampening or sound diffusing is required.

Is the attenuation required indoors or outdoors?

If a band is playing outdoors, neighbours may complain and demand noise attenuation between the venue and their house. If the band is playing indoors and the sound is muddy, then noise attenuation would be be addressed in the building itself.

Do acoustic panels help with noise or sound attenuation?

Yes, acoustic panels absorb sound bouncing off walls and the ceiling.

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