how we make our acoustic panels

How we make our acoustic panels

We have developed a unique construction design.

The design allows for the panels to withstand over 50 lbs of downforce, reduces effects of flex and torsion, and sag, and allows the acoustic fabric to be drawn tight and fasten securely on the back of the panel. This design is unique to

Step 1: We start with the raw materials for the internal aluminum frame.

We purchase extruded aluminum by the ton, in Vaughan. The extrusions range from uchannels, flats and cubes.

The uchannel walls are less than 1/8" thick, the heel is 1" and sides are 3/4". The flats are simply 1 " wide by 1/8" thick. The hollow cubes are slightly larger than 3/4" and about 1/8" thick. We buy about 500kg of each of these extrusions at one time.

Step 2: We then build the internal frame from the extrusions.

The frame is essentially created by framing the acoustic fibreglass with uchannels, we build custom tops and bottoms for the frame, so that you can't see where we fasten the frame together.

Step 3: The acoustic fibreglass.

We then cut a piece of acoustic fibreglass out of 4'x10' sheet, to the size required for the acoustic panel. if the panel is going to mounted on the ceiling there are extra supports required a foot from each side, In this case three pieces of fibreglass are cut, the middle and the two ends.

Step 4: Building the frame around the fibreglass.

The frame is built around the fibreglass, on a large table, by drilling out the holes required and riveting the pieces together. If the panel is to be mounted on the ceiling, two more middle supports are required to eliminate sage, those are also riveted.

Step 5: Sanding down the corners.

When the metal is cut, it becomes sharp, and can tear the acoustic fabric as it is drawn tight over the panel. These corners are sanded down lightly to take off the burrs and sharp edges.

Step 6: Wrapping the panel.

The Acoustic panel is then moved next door to Unit A2, to the wrapping station. There are 60 bolts of fabric on spindles, ready to dispense fabric across the panel. The fabric is wrapped, drawn tight over the front of the panel, then tucked tightly and a rivets on the back of the panel

Step 7: Plastic wrap.

For storage and transportation purposes we wrap both ends of the acoustic panel in shrink wrap. Once the panels are installed onsite, the shrink wrap is removed.

Here is a short video of the panel construction in our shop.

This video demonstrates the acoustic fabric wrapping.

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