how to make an acoustic panel

How to make acoustic panels

Things you will need

1. Acoustic fibreglass or acoustic media
2. Acoustically transparent fabric
3. 1'x3' wood pieces, 2 pieces 2 feet long, 2 pieces 4 feet long
4. Glue and staples

For a full list of acoustic materials needed read more here.

Acoustic fibreglass

The best material to use is fibreglass that is semi-rigid, so it maintains it's shape. Owens 703 or 705 will work. Ideally 2" fibreglass is the best.

Acoustically transparent fabric

Go to Fabricland and ask for material that is about 97% polyester and 3% spandex. If you choose black, you won't be able to see through it, which is good. With a light coloured fabric, you will have to double up the fabric when you cover the panel.


Home Depot, Lowes or Rona can provide some basic wood for the frame

Glue and Staples

Simply wood glue and a staple gun capable of stapling material to wood.

Now put it all together

Create a frame from the wood, that the insulation will rest in.

Place the fibreglass into the frame

Wrap the frame with the fabric you bought and staple it on the back of the panel

Watch this youtube clip on how to make acoustic panels



Tim Tippets - Voice Talent:

Another youtube video:

Another instructional video by

Another youtube video:

A slightly different design:

Here is a great demo, on a before and after acoustic panels, scenario.

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