acoustic panels and how to choose acoustic panel supplier and installer in Toronto

How to choose an acoustic panel supplier in Toronto

When you are searching online for "acoustic panels canada"

Not everyone that shows up in the search results is actually from Canada. Quite a few only ship to Canada. Go to their website, and click on the "contact us" button to see where they are located. About half of the listings are from the States. Make sure the acoustic panel supplier is located in Canada.

Do you want to install the acoustic panels yourself?

If you plan to install the acoustic panels in your office or restaurant, there are three or four acoustic panel providers, besides ourselves. You can purchase them from the US also.

If you do not want to install the acoustic panels yourself, then read on.

No, I don't want to install the acoustic panels myself. I would like the Vendor or manufacturer to install them.

If you want the manufacturer or Vendor to install the acoustic panels, then your choices are limited, to us ( and two other commercial vendors.

Should the acoustic panel installers be insured?

Yes, make sure the acoustic panel installers are insured, with Liability insurance of at least one million dollars. If you are unsure the installer has insurance, ask for proof of insurance.

What if the vendor I purchased the acoustic panels from, subcontracted the installation out to someone else?

This makes things a little more confusing. You are now dealing with two companies should you have any issues. Insist on the Vendor installing the acoustic panels themselves. manufacturers and installs our acoustic panels ourselves.

What type of guarantee should I be asking for, regarding acoustic panel performance?

You should be asking for a full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason with the acoustic panels, the vendor/installer should come back, take down the acoustic panels and refund your money.

What is an acceptable lead time, from the time of purchase of the acoustic panels, to installation?

Typically, 2 to 3 weeks lead time is all the Vendor should require to have the acoustic panels, manufactured, delivered and installed.

How do I know the acoustic panels will be professional looking? I have seen some panels online that look like pillows covered with fabric!

Look to the acoustic panels supplier's references. Go into a restaurant that they have done and have a look. Call up the references and get some feedback!

Ask for pictures of previous jobs. Make sure that the Vendor manufactures the acoustic panels with a hard edge or an internal frame to keep the visible lines tight Not all acoustic panels are made the same.

How do I know if the vendor is supplying to many or too few acoustic panels?

To ensure you are getting the appropriate number of acoustic panels and the proper coverage, use our acoustic panel coverage calculator.

Can I choose the fabric that will be used on the acoustic panel?

We have over 100 different acoustic fabric styles and colours to choose from. The fabric that offer is acoustically transparent.

What if I don't like the style or colours you offer for you acoustic panels? Can I have images, text or logos printed on the fabric?

Yes, you can have images, text and logos printed on our special acoustic fabric. These types are typically called decorative acoustic panels.

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