hearing aids amplify the sound and noise around you

Hearing Aids amplify the noise in restaurants

What is the basic principle of a hear aid?

A hearing aid, simply turns up the volume from the outside world, using a small microphone and speaker. Hearing aids these days very discreet and don't stick out of your ear, like they did in the 70's.

What is the issue related to hearing aids and noisy restaurants?

Bob from Catch22, in Wasaga Beach Ontario, called us in a couple of years ago to install acoustic panels in one of the dining rooms primarily because the seniors with hearing aid were complaining that it was too noisy.

Hearing aids use technology to reproduce sound, like any technology it is not perfect, and does not always produce a natural sound. Hearing aids use small audio compressors to bring much of the sound to the same level. This means, the perceived volume of speech when hearing some talking quietly can be the same level as someone talking loudly. Here are a few tips for someone wearing a hearing aid to manage a noise space.

The problem in a restaurant, is that echo and reverb that is generated by voices in a room, can be unnaturally amplified by a hearing aid. The net effect is that people wearing hearing aids will perceive the restaurant to much louder than it would sound to someone with unimpaired hearing.

How do you solve this problem?

After we installed acoustic panels at Catch22, Bob said that his customers stopped complaining about the noise level, even the customers that wore hearing aids. Bob from Catch22 is a great story and reference for us.

Can TheQuietRoom.ca help the noise level in our restaurant?

Yes, contact us for a free estimate, we serve the Toronto and surrounding areas. Email Sara at sara@thequietroom.ca, or fill out our submission form.

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