What are acoustic wall tiles?

Acoustic wall tiles

Acoustic wall tiles are typically made from acoustic felt, 1/2" thick and applied to wall with tape or adhesive

Acoustic wall tiles vs acoustic wall panels?

Acoustic Wall Panels are typically made with a 1" fiberglass core, and wrapped in acoustic fabric. Acoustic wall tiles are typically made from 1/2" acoustic felt and the felt is left exposed.

What shapes do the acoustic wall tiles come in?

  • Virtually any shape that can be cut with a cnc machine.
  • Ideally the shapes will be a repeatable pattern
  • Typically the shape of the acoustic wall tiles are 12" x 12"
  • Workspace dividers
  • Desktop dividers
  • Floor partitions

What standard acoustic wall tiles does TheQuietRoom.ca provide?

Which other manufacturers or Vendors make acoustic wall tiles?

Does TheQuietRoom manufacture value engineered equivalent acoustic felt products?

Yes we value engineer almost 90% of competitive products.