How much product is needed?

How much acoustic felt do I need?

In order to calculate how much acoustic felt is required to dampen and reduce the echo in a space, we have developed an acoustic calculator based on the RT60 formula.

Although each product is made with the same felt, the installing/mounting method does have an impact on the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient). For instance here are some general NRC values for our felt installed with different mounting method.

  • The NRC for felt Installed against the wall; (Wall Tiles and Tackable Panels, and 4'x8' Wall coverings) is 0.40
  • The NRC for felt Installed off the wall by 1 inch (2'x4' Acoustic Panels) is .065
  • The NRC for felt baffles is 0.85

The acoustic calculator

We have developed acoustic calculators for each product.

Just type in the dimension of the room, and the calculator will make a recommendation based on the type of product you wish to install.