Why is acoustic felt so popular?

What is all the excitement about acoustic felt!

Over the last 5 years, acoustic felt has made a splash in the interior design and architecture arenas. It appears to have come out of nowhere.

It is being specified all over the world.

What is acoustic felt?

Acoustic felt is 100% polyester, made from P.E.T. plastic.

Why is acoustic felt so popular?

  • Acoustic felt has both aesthetic and acoustic value.
  • It is lightweight, easy to install and easy to clean.
  • The NRC value ranges from .40 to .80 depending on installation method.
  • Acoustic felt is Class A fire rated.
  • The felt can be shaped into different shapes and products due to its semi-rigid structure.
  • Acoustic felt comes in many vibrant colours, not just neutrals and earth tones.

What is the future of acoustic felt?

  • There has never been a product to solve aesthetic issues and acoustic issues, until acoustic felt.
  • This product will be around for a while, until another product out performs felt in both aesthetics and acoustics.
  • When people say "why acoustic felt".. the response is, it is customizable, construction friendly, looks great and provides acoustic dampening.