Looking for an Ezobord Alternative?

Do you resell Ezobord products?

We are not an Ezobord dealer, we don't resell Ezobord, but we manufacture a value engineered alternative to Ezobord, called the "Imagine Series".

Pricing and Lead time

Our lead time on stocked "Imagine Series" product is 5 days. Please email Luke at luke@thequietroom.ca for pricing.

What type of similar products do you create?

The Imagine Series line of products includes; baffles, blades, clouds, islands, wall covering, partitions and desk dividers.

How many colours do you offer?

We offer 24 colours, We can also provide samples upon request.

Is the Imagine Series similar to the Ezobord?

Yes functionally Ezobord and the Imagine Series, are manufactured from the same raw products, and they share a Class A Rating, and the same NRC results.

Can you provide custom sizes and designs?

Yes, we can .
We manufacture the Imaging Series in Oakville, Ontario.
We are able create custom sizes and shapes and completely personalize the look and feel of the product.

Where can I buy the Ezobord alternative product?

You can buy direct from us. We can also install.

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Some of the styles we offer:

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