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Echo reduction panels

How can your echo reduction panels reduce the echo in my space?

Our acoustic panels reduce echo in your space, by absorbing sound as it reflects around the room.

It may not be obvious, but sound will reverberate in a room for up to 15 seconds, if there is means to either capture and trap the sound or diffuse the sound. Our panels reduce the reverb time to under 1 second.

At we manufacture our own acoustic panels, that install on the walls and/or ceilings of your space to capture and dampen the sound as it reflects from surface.

To understand how attenuate echo generated in office environments, read more here.

Our panels range from 2'x2' to 4'x8' and are 1"thick. They are professional crafted to ensure they look good on your walls and ceilings. All of our customers have commented how well they have reduced the noise and eliminated the echo in rooms they were installed. Our customers have also commented on how professional they look, and how well they fit into their environment.

Our panels are primarily designed for offices and restaurants.
Please take a few minutes to browse some of our work.

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Please contact us, to arrange a free onsite assessment of your space. We can then provide a formal quote to solve your sound issues.

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