Do acoustic panels look good?

Its one thing if work, but another if they do not look stunning.

The second question we are always asked, after "do the acoustic panels work?", is "Do acoustic panels look good?" We spend a great deal of time in manufacturing to make sure the lines are sharp and clean.

How do your acoustic panels look?

Our acoustic panels look professional enough to go on the walls of any office, and go unnoticed, or mistaken for art.

What makes an acoustic panel look good?

If the panel has high quality acoustic fabric, that is great start. There is a big difference between acoustic material quality. Acoustic panel fabric can cost us between 25$ and 60$ a yard. The difference is like comparing burlap to satin.

What else makes the panel look good?

The internal construction is important. If there is no internal framework, the acoustic panel fabric may look like it was simply placed on the acoustic media. This tends to make it look sloppy, the edges may not be straight, The end result may be a panel that looks like it was made with poor craftsmanship.

How about printing on it?

Panels that are covered with printed fabric are absolutely stunning. The quality is the same as poster. We can print on up to 4'x8'. Read more about printed acoustic panels on this page; Decorative acoustic panels.

What is the next step?

We would ask that you send us a few pictures of the space and basic (rough dimensions) to Sara We can then send you a budget range the same day. If the budget looks good, we will then come onsite to do an assessment, measurements and provide a formal quote.

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