DJs in restaurants are they good idea

Should I have a DJ in my restaurant?

Do I need a DJ in my restaurant?

DJs are trending now, and many restaurants have taken the safe route to hire a DJ for some evenings or weekends.

Is a DJ going to draw new customers, or alienate existing customers?

Only you can answer this question.

I don't even know if what the DJ is playing is relevant? or if it is what the customers like!

Most restaurants will let the DJ decide on their own playlist for two reasons.
1) The DJ may insist they have a unique playlist.
2) The restaurant owner/staff have no idea what is relevant or what the guests want to hear.

Who is supposed to manage the DJ?

Because DJs are relatively a new trend at the mass level, the responsibility of managing the DJ, the DJ's music etc.. is probably not in anyone's job description.

How do I know I have hired a good DJ?

Good question. You have to ask your customers.

How do I get the DJ to fit into the Corporate image etc?

Good luck with that. DJs are more like the modern day cowboy. Don't try to change them, just find one that fits in with your corporate identity, values etc..

How much does a DJ cost to hire?

A good DJ in Toronto, 2k a night. A kid with a laptop $200 a night.

Where do DJs work well?

Night clubs, look at The Drake.

Should I be hiring a DJ so I can compete with the bigger clubs?

Doing something halfway is never a good idea. Most restaurants are hiring a DJ, to check a box.

When the DJ trend has died down, will I have lost some loyal customers in the meantime?

Unless your restaurant has specific cut off times for dining, and dancing, you will most likely sacrifice some dining customers to acquire customers that are there for the DJ.

How can I tell if my guests are there because we have a DJ?

Ask them.

Could I replace the DJ with a playlist?

If DJ has some type of celebrity status, or following or fan base.. then no, otherwise the DJ can be replaced by a playlist.

If I decide against hiring a DJ, how can I create an interesting experience in my restaurant for the evening crowd in downtown Toronto?

Put in some interesting lighting. Gentle strobe lights that are activated by the rhythm or beat of the music. This will provide the illusion to your guests that the music is louder than is too.
Visit Long & McQuade, rent some lights.

Don't follow trends.. make them.

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