decorative acoustic panels for restaurants and offices

Decorative acoustic panels - for offices and restaurants

What is meant by decorative acoustic panel?

We can print any image, logo or text to print on any of our acoustic panels.

What size can the printed acoustic panel be?

Any size of our acoustic panels from 1'x'1 up to 4'x8', can be covered with printed fabric.

What quality can I expect from the printing?

If a high resolution image is used, expect the same quality as a poster in bus stop advertisement.

Can the printed acoustic panels go on wall or the ceiling?

Yes, printed acoustic panels can be installed on either the walls or the ceiling.

What size or resolution is best for printed acoustic panels?

Use a professional image stock website such as

Here is the ideal resolution from The ideal size on this site is 3XL, with a resolution of 6000 pixels x 4000 pixels.

Can I get a physical printed proof before you install the acoustic panels?

Yes, it is possible to get physical print proof, there is a small cost involved. The physical print is usually a 1'x1' or 2'x2' print. The print can be a reduced version of the full print, or a 1 to 1 scale of a portion of the actual print.

What file format do you require for printing on the acoustic panel?

Submit a file in PDF format, as it is unmodifiable by us and the Printer.

Do you do the printing on the acoustic panel at your shop?

We subcontract the printing out to Macrae Printing in Mississauga. Have a look at the quality of the work that Macrae Printing does. Macrae prints on special acoustic fabric for us.

How can I see a sample of printed fabric that the acoustic panels will be wrapped with?

We can send you a sample swatch of printed fabrics.

Does everyone print on your acoustic panels?

Because of the cost, only a small percentage of our customers use printed fabric on our acoustic panels.

Can I mix printed acoustic panels with regular fabric?

Yes, in fact many people will place one printed acoustic panel on a wall, then frame it with acoustic panels wrapped with regular acoustic fabric.

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