Some of our customers (restaurants)

Bent Restaurant

777 Dundas Street West

Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M6J 1V2

This installation was a ceiling only install. We installed the acoustic panels in the recessed areas, making sure that the spacing was very symmetrical between each panel and each bulkhead.

It's always a pleasure to work for someone as special as Chef SuSur Lee.

(647) 352-0092


1184 Bloor Street West

Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M6H 1M2

We installed the panels on the ceiling. We had the option to straddle the conduit or go between it. For esthetic reasons we installed the panels between the conduit.

This restaurant has a fantastic live performance room adjacent to it, and a Fantastic Microbrewery in the back.

(416) 546-4033

Prohibition Gastrohouse

696 Queen Street East

Toronto, Ontario,
 M4M 1G9

We installed this job in two full days, back to back. All the acoustic panels were installed on the ceiling. The owner chose a dark grey fabric, which looks fabulous against the black ceiling and gold tin.

We had lunch there too, the food was great!

(416) 406-2669

Catch 22 Fresh Market Grill

962 Mosely Street

Wasaga Beach, Ontario,
Canada L9Z 2G8

Bob had a dining room where senior citizens were complaining about the noise level. Part of the ceiling had a 45% slope and made for a great echo chamber.  After installing acoustic panels on the ceiling, Bob now refers to this room as "The Quiet Room".

We recently stopped for lunch, it is a family run business and the food is fantastic.

(705) 422-2281

Kerr Street Cafe

298 Kerr Street

Oakville, Ontario
Canada L6K 3B3

We installed acoustic panels on the ceilings and one wall. The next day when I went in to check on the job, I noticed that the volume level was about half the usual level and no one was shouting to be heard across their own table.

This place has the best coffee in Oakville.

(289) 837-1535

Jake's Grill & Oyster house

950 Walkers Line

Burlington, Ontario
Canada L7N 2G2

We installed acoustic panels on the ceiling, which was cathedral angled type ceiling. We managed to get great coverage and the noise difference was drastic. We even managed to match the orange paint on the ceiling.

I had dinner there not too long ago, the food was delicious.

(905) 639-4084


1007 Bloor Street West

Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6H 1M1

We provided the owner with acoustic board to install on the walls.

(416) 519-3139


240 Queens Street West 

Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5V 1Z7

We provide some smaller acoustic panels for the walls of this space.

(416) 971-4263


2420 Lakeshore Road West

Oakville, Ontario
Canada L6H 1H7

Elspero has a 25 foot cathedral ceiling, we used a scissor lift and installed over ten four foot by eight foot panels on the sloped ceiling. Great food!

(905) 827-4851


330 Bay Street

Toronto, Ontario
Canada M58 2S8

We installed white acoustic panels on the cement slab ceiling, There was lots of conduit, hangers and fixtures to work around but we installed the panels of the ceiling about 2".

(416) 306-0467

Halo Brewery

247 Wallace Avenue 

Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6H 1V5

We installed marble colour acoustic board onto the metal roof deck ceiling, it worked great.

(416) 606-7778

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