acoustic panel in boardrooms

Boardroom Echo & Office noise

What causes boardroom echo?

Boardroom echo is caused by sound, usually voices bouncing from wall to wall and wall to ceiling. These sound reflections cause the room to sound extremely loud.

Why are some rooms more "echoey" than others?

Rooms that have very flat, hard parallel surfaces are more prone to generate an echo. If a room has nooks and crannies and has cloth furniture in it, sound is diffused by the the nooks and crannies and absorbed by the cloth on the furniture.

What is the solution?

Acoustic panels are the most economical, and aesthetically pleasing option. In a small boardroom, echo can be eliminated between 1k and 2k.

Installing our panels on the walls of your office is an economical solution for boardroom echo.

Installing our panels on the ceiling is also very effective, but a little more expensive, as the panels have to be reinforced to be installed on the ceiling.

What is the next step?

We would ask that you send us a few pictures of the space and basic (rough dimensions) to Sara We can then send you a budget range the same day. If the budget looks good, we will then come onsite to do an assessment, measurements and provide a formal quote.

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