Acoustic Baffle Clouds

Acoustic Felt Baffle Clouds, balance great acoustic coverage with a unique look and feel.

Acoustic Felt Baffle Clouds

Are you the manufacturer?

We manufacture these in our shop in Oakville.

How are they installed?

They are hung by aircraft cable, secured in four or six points.

Can I mix and match different colours?

Absolutely, the colours of each blade are up to you.

Where else is this type of product available?

The following vendors also carry acoustic baffle clouds Zintra, Ezobord, Turf and Filzfelt. Feel free to check out those sites and they would be happy to help you also.

Can this product be shipped across North America?

Yes, it ships flat and can be easily installed by almost anyone.

How thick is the cloud blades?

Each blade is 1/2" thick.

Imagine Series Colours

Imagine Series colours

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Sara Thackray

call or text 905-399-2481

Some of the styles we offer:

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