acoustical panels

Acoustical Panels

What are acoustical panels?

Acoustical Panels are sound absorbing panels designed to make a room 35% to 45% quieter, and eliminate the echo completely.

Are the panels made in Canada?

We manufacture, deliver and install Acoustical Panels, in Oakville, and Toronto.

Our service area is South Western Ontario, but most of our work is in Toronto, Canada.

Do you subcontract the installation out?

Our own staff installs the acoustical panels. We don't subcontract any of the manufacturing or installation. We do all the work ourselves. We stand behind the work.

What type of guarantee is there?

We offer a full money back guarantee, if you go with our recommended acoustic layout and coverage. We use an acoustic panel calculator to determine the optimal number and size of panels for your space.

Are the acoustical panels big and ugly?

We have taken great effort to design our panels to look clean tight and inconspicuous, in any office or restaurant. The panels are 1" thick and range from 2"x2" to 4"x12". We wrap the acoustical panels with high quality acoustically transparent fabrics, that look professional.

The acoustical panels can be installed on walls or ceilings of your space.

What is involved to get an assessment?

We do not charge for an onsite assessment. We provide you with a budget range over email, based on pictures you send and basic dimensions.

Please follow these simply steps to get a free onsite assessment and a formal quote.

Alternately just email Sara to start the process, at

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