Acoustic Felt (PET) Wall Tiles - Parallelogram - Acoustic PET

Acoustic Wall Tiles - Squares and Octs

Our acoustic felt wall tiles are creative and make a visual impact to the room.

Acoustic Felt Wall Tile - Squares and Octs

Acoustic Felt Wall Tiles - Squares and Octs

Is this wall tile a combination of different shapes?

Yes, they are a combination of squares and octagons.

What other colours options are available?

There are 22 other colours to choose from.
The colour chart is at the bottom of this page.

What are the dimensions of the Squares and Octs wall tile?

Acoustic Felt  Wall Tiles - Parallelogram - dwg

Does anyone else manufacture this type of product?

All the major Acoustic Felt manufacturers produce some version of a wall tile. Zintra and Ezobord also manufacture this product. We recommend looking at their products also.

What thicknesses do they come in?

The default thickness is 1/2".

How are they installed?

Construction adhesive, and/or double sided tape can be used to install the tiles to the wall.

What is the shipping lead time?

We ship within 3 to 5 days within Canada.

Imagine Series Colours

PET Acoustic Felt colors -

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