Acoustic Felt Wall Tile design - 90 degree shape

Acoustic Triangle Wall Tiles - 90 Degrees

These acoustic triangles are a snap to install. Literally stack them on top of each other.

90 degree - acoustic felt - PET felt wall tiles

90 Degree Triangle Acoustic Felt Wall Tiles

Do you manufacture the acoustic wall tiles?

We make them here in Oakville, Ontario. They are made from 100% Acoustic PET Felt.

What colour options are available?

There are 24 colours to choose from. Colour chart is at the bottom of this page.

What is the size of a 90 degree acoustic wall tile?

Acoustic Felt (PET) Wall Tiles - 90 Degree - Drawing

Are these tiles similar to Zintra or Ezobord?

All the major Acoustic Felt manufacturers produce some version of a wall tile. Zintra , Filzfelt and Ezobord also manufacture this product. We recommend looking at their products also.

What thicknesses do they come in?

The default thickness is 1/2". We can also add a 3mm felt covering.

How are they installed?

Construction adhesive, or double sided tape can be used to install the tiles to the wall.


1/2 Inch Thick
11 3/4" by 11 3/4"
$ 10

What is the shipping lead time?

We ship within 3 to 5 days within Canada.

Imagine Series Colours

PET Acoustic Felt colors -
Acoustic Wall Tiles - 90 Triangles
$ 10.00 CAD

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