acoustic treatment

Acoustic Treatment

What is acoustic treatment?

Acoustic treatment is simply managing the acoustics in a given space or room. Most commonly acoustic treatment is used to dampen or disperse sound in a room with poor acoustics.

The primary cause of poor acoustics in a room is sound reflections, or reverberation. A long reverberation time can make listening and understanding what is being said very difficult.

Visit this page to understand more about acoustic treatment for walls.

Acoustic panels are the most economical form of acoustic treatment. They are fastened to walls or the ceiling, and blend in with the surrounding environment quite well.

Acoustic baffles hang from ceiling and can be intrusive to the line of sight, Installing acoustic baffles can also be challenging, as they hang from a wire.

Acoustic diffusers are costly and can be difficult to aesthetically fit into a room, as they protrude from the wall by up to six inches.

For every option, there is a do it yourself version. Check out our do it yourself acoustic panels page.

Acoustic treatment is often referred to as acoustic dampening or sound attenuation.

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