acoustic panels sizes and shapes

Acoustic panels sizes and shapes

What shapes can acoustic panels, be manufactured in?

The simplest shape is a square or rectangle. This is due to the requirement to wrap acoustic fabric around the panel. A 90 degree corner is much easier to wrap fabric around than another other shape. only manufactures square and rectangle panels, due to the internal frame that we employ. It would not be cost effective to bend the frame into another shape. acoustic panels range in size from 1'x1' to 4'x12'. We cannot make a panel longer than 12' and wider than 4'. They are all 1" thick and can be installed on the ceiling or walls. We typically don't install the panels as baffles, hanging from the ceiling. Have a look at a few of the different installations we have done over the years in our Gallery

Acoustic panels that are made into arbitrary shapes, will not typically have an internal frame. If fabric is used to cover these types of panels, the fabric may be custom made for each size and shape.

Acoustic panels without frames will not be as rigid as our panels

There are acoustic panels that are not wrapped in fabric, these panels may have an acoustic coating, or it may be that the acoustic media is acceptable to be exposed to the public. These panels are typically prefabricated from a factory overseas.

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