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Acoustic Panels installed in hallways

Can acoustic panels be installed in a hallway?

Hallways can often suffer from acoustic issues just like any other room. The answer is acoustic treatment. The only challenge is that hallways are often subject to high traffic.

Our acoustic panels can be installed on any wall, in a hallway. If the hallway is a high traffic area it is ideal to ensure the acoustic panels are installed at shoulder height or higher.

The panels are installed with z-clips and roto fasteners to keep them stable. The panels are covered with special acoustically transparent fabric to allow sound to travel to the core of the panel. This fabric can be delicate and susceptible wear and tear over time. All of our fabric can be cleaned with regular fabric cleaning agents.

You may not need to address both opposing walls of a hallway, instead address one of the walls, and a portion of the ceiling, this way you addressed two perpendicular surfaces.

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