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Acoustic panels for sale

Where to buy acoustic panels?

When searching where to acoustic panels for sale, take into consideration that there are many suppliers based in the States, but only a few in the Toronto area. Of those suppliers in Toronto, there are only a couple suppliers that will supply and install.

Here at TheQuietRoom.ca we primarily supply and install acoustic panels.

Looking to buy acoustic panels and install them yourself?

We are not the most economical solution, for a supply only solution. Most people that just want to buy acoustic panels will find cheaper solutions online. Our acoustic panels are designed to be installed in executive offices and restaurants, which means we invest a considerable amount of money on the fabric options,and the internal frame. Our panels look professional and they cost more.

If you are interested in purchasing the acoustic panels and installing them yourself, you may want to consider these options also

If you are still interested in buying acoustic panels from us, and installing them yourself, please come by the showroom in Oakville to see what we have to offer. We have acoustic panels for sale in almost every size.

Looking to buy acoustic panels and have us install them?

We manufacture, deliver and install our acoustic panels. We manufacture them in Oakville and install them primarily in the Toronto area. We have also install our acoustic panels in gymnasiums, home theaters,  music studios and auditoriums.

What is the next step?

We would ask that you send us a few pictures of the space and basic (rough dimensions) to Sara sara@thequietroom.ca. We can then send you a budget range the same day. If the budget looks good, we will then come onsite to do an assessment, measurements and provide a formal quote.

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