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Customers are complaining online about the noise level of my restaurant

Customers are saying my restaurant is too loud. You or your staff may not realize how loud the restaurant is, but the customers do. Customers are now reviewing restaurants on their phones while they are still at the restaurant. Read this article from "noisy planet"

My staff is complaining they can't hear, and take the customers orders

While one issue is customer turnover, the other issue is staff turnover due to working environment. A noisy restaurant can add an edge to the server, and make their job a little more stressful. This can interpret into a fair or poor customer serving experience. Read this article from "sound of architecture".

Consider the lost revenue, when you lose a customer, because your restaurant is too loud.

One of my staff has indicated that wake up with a ringing in their ears. They think it may be due to the noise level in the restaurant.

The last thing you want to have to deal with is a WSIB claim, related to the noise level. While a typical restaurant is well below the 90 dba that requires workers to wear ear plugs, (read more here) Staff may still claim their health is at risk due to excessive noise. Once one staff member does this, more will always follow. Read this article from "The Restaurant Engine"

acoustic decibel meter for acoustic panels

I have spend a ton of money on a designer to achieve a specific ambience. I don't want to ruin this!

Our acoustic panels look like they fit it, like they are an architectural feature, not an afterthought.

The colours and fabric we offer, allow the panels to blend into your walls and ceilings.


A friend has suggested that I install "acoustic treatment". What is acoustic treatment?

Acoustic treatment is a generic term that usually refers to acoustic panels, acoustic board, acoustic baffles or sound masking.

I have heard the phrase "noise attenuation". What does this mean?

Noise attenuation is simply a method of managing and diminishing noise.

Where would the panels be installed? on the walls or ceiling?

Typically walls are already spoken for, in restaurants. We almost always address the ceiling. Read More here to understand how we install acoustic panels on the ceiling.

I have seen some acoustic panels that didn't look professional

Anyone can make acoustic panels in their basement out of wood and glue etc. These panels are good for home recording studios. But unless the acoustic panels are made with a rigid internal frame, the lines won't be clean and tight and the fabric will look sloppy and loose.

How much noise reduction can I expect, after the acoustic panels are installed?

Expect the acoustic panels to reduce the noise level between 35% and 45%.  If we can't achieve this, we don't do the install.

Now that the acoustic panels are installed and my restaurant is quieter. Now What?

Well you will notice that people are now talking at a lower volume, as they don't have to compete with the table beside them.

You can now turn the music up, and actually hear it clearly.

Do you take a decibel reading before and after the installation?

No, technically the decibels will be exactly the same, what the acoustic panels reduce is the reflected and bouncing sound, that makes a room sound loud.

Can I talk to your references about their acoustic panels?

Yes, all of our customers are referenceable, and have all provided positive feedback about our acoustic panels.

When would you install the acoustic panels?

We install the acoustic panels when your restaurant is not open. Typically an install may take anywhere from 8 hours to 15 hours, depending on the size of the space.

Why don't you install acoustic baffles?

Acoustic baffles hang from the ceiling, and if they drop more than 6" they are in your line of sight. Per square foot, acoustic panels are cheaper than acoustic baffles to make and install. Acoustic baffles work well in the US where fire code varies from state to state. In Canada many building have sprinklers installed close the ceiling. Installing baffles that hang below the sprinklers would be a violation of building and fire code in Canada.  


What is the lead time for an installation?

Typically the lead time to install acoustic panels in any restaurant within 100km of the GTA is two to three weeks.

Is there a guarantee with your acoustic panels?

If you agree to our recommended acoustic panel coverage, we will provide a full money back guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with the acoustic performance of the acoustic panels.

Do you have references that can verify your work, and the performance of the acoustic panels?

Yes, we can provide you with hundreds of references to contact.

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